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18 November 2021 at 0900 EST 


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The BVLOS Blueprint: A Global Perspective on UAS Enablement 

The highest value drone use-cases for commercial drones such as package deliveries, infrastructure inspections, and precision agriculture, search and rescue efforts require the drone to fly beyond the visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) of the operator. 

What does it take to get to BVLOS today? Ironclad ConOps; Flexible, equitable, and accessible services for UAS operators; Shared-used infrastructure to connect BVLOS flights to a common airspace system; and Close coordination between stakeholders at national, regional, and local levels. 

In this session, industry leaders will discuss tactical steps that airspace leaders can take today to enable high-value BVLOS drone flights, using real-world examples.    


Steve Willer – Manager, Business & Market Development, Americas

Thales Airspace Mobility Solutions

Steve Willer has over 17 years of experience in the aviation industry spanning a wide variety of technical and managerial roles in support of state and local government, airport, ANSP, civil aviation authority, military, and commercial clientele.

At Thales, Mr. Willer serves a leading role within the Airspace Mobility Solutions business acting as a system-of-systems integrator combining sensor technology with cloud-native, digital tools to modernize and facilitate the integration of unmanned aircraft systems.

Mr. Willer holds degrees in Aviation Management and Aviation Science from Saint Louis University. For the past 20 years, Steve's been an active commercial pilot and flight instructor while also earning his remote pilot certificate for small UAS in 2016.

Chris Kucera - Co-Founder and Head of Strategic Partnerships

Chris Kucera has more than 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry and 16 years history working with Analytical Graphics, Inc., an aerospace software company. He has had various roles at the company from systems engineer to account executive with focus on scheduling and communications systems. In 2014, Chris co-founded OneSky as a subsidiary of Analytical Graphics, Inc. to focus on UTM solutions. Chris manages business relationships for OneSky and is responsible for customer outreach and industry engagement. He is a ACJA Board Member and also works with various organizations, such as GUTMA, ASTM, ICAO, AUVSI, the Small UAV Coalition and more, to understand the state-of-the-art in drone technology and keep up to date on regulatory progress. Chris has a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering from Virginia Tech. He is also a commercially rated multi-engine aircraft pilot.

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Steve Willer - Steve.willer.e@thalesdigital.io


Chris Kucera - ckucera@oneskysystems.com

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