​On 7 December, it will be 80 years since States decided to seize a seemingly insurmountable challenge: in the midst of an ongoing global conflict, to transform aviation from a primarily military concern into a civilian resource that would encourage development and peace. 

The resounding success of the 1944 Convention on International Civil Aviation that continues to govern this mission is one of humanity’s greatest achievements in the modern era. 

Today, the challenges before international aviation are also tremendously imposing. Responding to the climate emergency in particular will require unprecedented levels of global cooperation and commitment. 

This 80th anniversary of the Convention and of ICAO therefore provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the past and to advocate for the safe, secure, and sustainable development of aviation, extending access to those who need it most while ensuring that we do not compromise on these imperatives. 

We however have every reason to be optimistic. The political ambition exists and the pace of technological and operational innovation in the aviation sector is also rapidly increasing. 

We invite you to join us in our outreach around these objectives. Throughout the year, we will be updating this page with resources and events that will enable you to help write the next chapter of aviation history.

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