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Tuesday, 28 November2017​

14:00 – 17:00    Preregistration

Wednesday, 29 November2017​​

07.30 – 09.00Registration
09.00 – 09.05

Welcome Address 

  • Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)


09.05 - 9.15

Keynote speech

  • Ms. Angela Gittens, Director General, Airports Council International (ACI)
09.15 – 09.20


  • Mr. Boubacar Djibo, Director Air Transport Bureau, ICAO
09.20 – 09.30

Setting the Scene

  • Ms. Jane Hupe, Deputy Director Environment, ICAO
09.30 – 10.50

Session 1: Minimizing Impact- What are Green Airports?


Moderator : Mr. Victor Aguado, Representative of Spain to the Council of ICAO


Airports have made considerable progress on managing environmental impacts despite the increasing complexity of their operations. The session will introduce the concept of a sustainable airport itself and will look at management of environmental impacts (water, soil, waste, air) as well as explore the latest measures to mitigate negative externalities.



  • Mr. Ken Conway, Manager, Aviation Environment & Sustainability, Airbiz
  • Mr. Andrew Watt, Head of Unit Support to SES related policies, EUROCONTROL/ CAEP WG2 co-Rapporteur
  • Mr. Jorge Rosillo, General Manager, Galapagos Ecological Airport
  • Mr. Thomas Cuddy, Environmental Protection Specialist, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Mr. Rashid Kizhakkayil, Quality & Environment Controller, Sharjah Airport Authority
  • Ms. Juliana Scavuzzi, Aviation Environment Specialist, ACI World  
10.50 – 11.20Coffee Break sponsored by Aéroports de Montréal
11.20 – 12.50

Session 2: Stamping Green


Moderator: Mr. Alok Shekhar, Representative of India to the Council of ICAO


Since its inception in 2009, the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme has played an instrumental role in guiding and supporting environmental action by airports around the world, and significant achievements have already been made with 173 participating airports to date. Nevertheless, Airport Carbon Accreditation is not the only valid certification scheme. Exploring LEED and ISO will allow to raise the awareness and showcase aerodromes' robust possibilities to engage in sustainable practices.


  • Mr. Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI Europe
  • Ms. Lisa Stanley, CEM, LEED AP ID+C, Director, Technical Solutions, US Green Building Council
  • Ms. Chantal Guay, Vice-President, Accreditation Services at the Standards Council of Canada
  • Mr. Ivar Satero, Airport Director, San Francisco International Airport
  • Mr. Hermann Blomeyer, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Munich Airport
  • Mr. Mikko Viinikainen, ‎Vice President, Sustainability & Environment, Finavia Corporation
  • Mr. Brendan J. Reed, CEM, LEED-AP, Director, Planning & Environmental Affairs, San Diego International Airport
12.50 – 13.45Lunch break








13.45 – 15.15

Session 3: Clean Energy at Airports


Moderator: Mr. Samuel Campbell Lucas, Representative of Australia to the Council of ICAO


Sub​stantial environmental and economic benefits can be reaped from taking decisive action on the clean supply and efficient consumption of energy. This session will explore the rise of airport renewable energy projects with an emphasis on inter alia solar power and how more airports can join the 'solar revolution'. The session will be complemented with success stories of PV systems installation from the ICAO-European Union and the ICAO-UNDP-GEF Joint Assistance Projects. Consideration will be also given to wind and water energy as well as innovative projects of tidal energy like underwater kite turbine and to opportunities for their use as energy sources for airports. Lastly, discussions will revolve around biomass and geothermal energy acknowledging also ways in which airports can increase their use.


  • Ms. Althea Roper, Manager, Jamaica CAA  
  • Mr. Stephen Barrett, Consultant, ICAO-UNDP-GEF project
  • Mr. Mario Rodriguez, CEO, Indianapolis International Airport
  • Mr. Magnus Landberg, Co-founder, Minesto
  • Ms. Hana Saad, Senior Manager, Development, Abu Dhabi Airport
  • Ms. Mary Ellen Eagan, President & CEO, HMMH ​
15.15-15.45Coffee break sponsored by Airports Council International (ACI)

Session 4: Green Mobility- at and around the Airport


Moderator: Ambassador Philippe Bertoux, Representative of France to the Council of ICAO.


This session will focus on mobility in and around the airport site. It will draw upon the effective green transformation of airport vehicles and GSE and discuss how these mitigation efforts can be further incentivized. Finally, efficient and clean transportation links between urban centers and airports will be discussed with focus on airports' role in the coordination and planning process. Besides, the discussion will consider how to integrate airports and their facilitation of clean energy initiatives like for instance hybrid-electric aircraft. 



  • Ms. Denise Pronk, Manager Corporate responsibility, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Mr. Jeremi Lavoie, General Manager, Car2go
  • Mr. Alexandre Taillefer, Founder, Teo Taxi Montreal
  • Mr. Matt Knapp, Co-Founder & Aero Chief Engineer, Zunum Aero
  • Mr. Kyle Schmidt, Vice President, Product Development and R&T Engineering, Safran Landing Systems


17.15 – 17.45

ICAO-UNDP-GEF Capacity Building & Assistance Project – Transforming the Global Aviation Sector Programme ( Launch of key deliverables)
17.45 Cocktail offered by ICAO-UNDP-GEF Capacity Building & Assistance Project

Thursday, 30 November2017​​


Session 5: Climate Adaptation and Resilience


Moderator : Ms. Heléne Jansson Saxe, Representative of Sweden to the Council of ICAO


The effects of climate change can affect international aviation operations, cause delays and inefficiencies and consequently have environmental impacts. Discussions will inform participants on what States and airports can do to identify contextual climate risks, such as extreme change in precipitation and temperature, and what measures it can take to future-proof its infrastructure and operations against it.


  • Dr. Dirk Glaesser, Director, Sustainable Development of Tourism, UNWTO World Tourism Organization
  • Dr. Robert Kay, Principal, Climate Change Adaptation, ICF International
  • Prof. Paul Williams, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Reading University
  • Ms. Rachel Burbidge, Environment Officer, EUROCONTROL
  • Mr. David Smagghe, Engineer, DGAC France
10.15-10.45Coffee break sponsored by Neste​
10.45 – 12.15

Session 6: Community Engagement and Cooperation


Moderator : Ambassador Martin Vidal, Representative of Uruguay to the Council of ICAO


Session 6 will explore how noise levels around the airport have improved and investigate the importance of community engagement as well as cooperation. Drawing upon recent and successful practices from the ICAO circular on Community Engagement for Environmental Management, this session will include discussions on how to establish a long-term, transparent dialogue and how to manage expectations of stakeholders in doing so.



  • Prof. Paul Hooper, Head of Enterprise Development, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Mr. Christian Röhrer, Head of Environmental Management, Vienna International Airport
  • Ms. Karyn Rains, Approvals and Relationships Manager, Brisbane Airport Corporation
  • Mr. Ted McDonald, Senior Environmental Protection Specialist, Transport Canada/ CAEP WG2 co-Rapporteur
  • Mr. David Brain, Operational expert, Environment, EUROCONTROL
  • Mr. Tim Johnson, Director, Aviation Environment Federation
12.15 – 12.30

ICAO – EU Capacity Building Assistance Project in partnership with UNITAR

Launching Ceremony of the e-learning course on International Aviation CO2 Emissions Reduction, States` Action Plans


12.30 – 13.30


Lunch break

13.30 – 14.45

Session 7: Financing


Moderator : Mr. Dionisio Méndez Mayora, Representative of Mexico to the Council of ICAO


The upgrading of airport facilities to enhance environmental performance is contingent on financial feasibility and the availability of funds. Pathways to obtain funding for such investments are already available and this session will explore what States and airports can do to meet eligibility criteria, and discuss other financing opportunities with a view to promoting the development of more airport environmental projects, particularly in developing States.


  • Mr. Walid M. Abdelwahab, Director, Infrastructure Department, Islamic Development Bank
  • Mr. Shunsuke Usami, Special Assistant to the Director for International Affairs of Airport Engineering Division, Japan Civil Aviation Bureau
  • Mr. Federico Patiño Márquez, General Director of Grupo Aeroportuario de la Ciudad de México (TBC)
  • Mr. Adam Klauber, Principal, Aviation Operations, Carbon War Room
  • Mr. Misha Valk, Head of Business Development, SkyNRG
14.45-15.15               Coffee break

Session 8: Sustainability reporting and outreach


Moderator : Capt. Aysha Alhameli, Representative of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the Council of ICAO


Investors and other societal actors, including passengers who are crucial airports' stakeholders, are increasingly looking beyond financial and operational metrics when rating airport performances, and airports are expected to demonstrate the impact of its environmental and social activities to a greater extent than before. The session will provide insight into reporting standards and practices for airports and relate these to the actions and mitigation measures as discussed throughout the Seminar. Additionally, the importance of outreach will be discussed as the sole action of reporting may not be sufficient nowadays.


  • Mr. Bill Murphy, National Leader, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, KPMG Canada
  • Mr. Matthew Kuchtyak, Analyst, Green Bonds and ESG Risks, Moody's
  • Ms. Prabh Banga, Associate Director, Strategy & Growth, Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • Mr.  Jakrapop Charatsri, Senior Airport Specialist, Airports of Thailand
16.30 – 17.00

Closing Remarks by Ms. Jane Hupe, Deputy Director Environment, ICAO

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