Eleventh Session of the Statistics Division

the Eleventh Session of the Statistics Division (STA/11)

4 - 8 April 2022
Virtual/Online ,
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The Eleventh Session of the Statistics Division (STA/11) will be held from 4 to 8 April 2022. The objective of the STA/11 is to gain consensus and formulate recommendations to guide the development in aviation data and analysis to meet the evolving needs of Member States and in tandem with the technological advancement. The Division will discuss a broad range of issues including data quality and reporting, big data analytics, post-COVID-19 long-term air traffic forecasts, Aviation Satellite Account methodological framework, and analytical projects in collaboration with the United Nations (UN) and other international organizations. Conclusions and recommendations of the Division will be submitted to the Council for its review and subsequent endorsement by the 41st Sessions of the Assembly in 2022.

The Division will be open to all Member States. Attendance by senior experts in statistics, data and economic analysis in a decision-making capacity is desirable to achieve the stated objectives of the Division. Representatives from non-Member States and international organizations, as invited by the Council, may participate in the meeting with observer status.

Given the uncertainties surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions, the Conference will be held in a virtual setting.

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