Time: 08:00-11:00 EST (13:00-16:00 UTC)

1.      Opening and welcome

2.      Keynote speeches

Mr Juan Carlos Salazar, Secretary General, ICAO

Mr Patrick Ky, Executive Director, EASA

3.      Panel discussions

         Panel 1: Regional cooperation: achievements and existing challenges

Regional cooperation, in particular RSOOs and RAIOs, bring tangible benefits and efficiency gains for States and aviation industry in many regions of the world. In the times of COVID-19 pandemic the need and activities changed, however, the relevance of RSOOs is even more visible than before.

The panellists, representing States, local industry, RSOOs and RAIOs will showcase the achievements of the regional organizations, discuss challenges they face and present success stories.

Moderator: Mr. Catalin Cotrut

  1. Mr Gonzalo Patricio Altamirano Cousin, Quality Manager, LATAM Ecuador
  2. Mr Emile Arao, Executive Director, CASSOA
  3. Ms Matima Ariyachaipanich, Safety Oversight Specialist, CAA Thailand
  4. Mr Juan Belliard, Operations Director, Juan Santamaria Airport, San Jose, Costa Rica
  5. Mr Papa Atoumane Fall, Director of Safety and Technical Services, AFCAC
  6. Capt. Alejandro Mena, Manager, ACSA
  7. Capt. Francisco Ospina Ramirez, Secretary of the Colombian CAA
  8. Mr Magele Hoe Viali, DGCA Samoa, Chairman of PASO


         Panel 2: Working Together to Strengthen Regional Cooperation

As the aviation industry is working to return to normal operations after the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to explore the importance of building partnership among all stakeholders and collaboration with industry in supporting the regional organizations in order to sustainably and effectively conduct safety oversight services for their Member States.

The panellists representing States, RSOOs and industry will discuss:

  • How to build partnerships and how the industry can play a more active role in supporting and working with RSOOs, taking into consideration the discussions of our first panel; and
  • How various stakeholders can work more closely with industry to assist and collaborate with RSOOs to close the existing gaps, including the introduction of new technologies and enhance the aviation system. 

Moderator: Mr. Nari Williams-Singh


  1. Mr Victor Aguado, Representative of Spain in the Council of ICAO
  2. Mr Nimalsiri Chandrasena, former DGCA, Sri Lanka
  3. Mr Romain Ekoto, Chief Aviation Officer, African Development Bank
  4. Mr Sanjeev Gadhia, CEO, Astral Aviation, Kenya
  5. Mr Hugues Laloë, Head of Operations Safety Enhancement, Airbus
  6. Dr Joachim Lücking, Head of Aviation Safety Unit, European Commission
  7. Capt Musa Nuhu, DGCA Nigeria

4.       Conclusion

Summary of the discussions; links to the Recommendations from the HLCC 2021 and presenting conclusions that will be used for proposals for discussions in preparation for the next ICAO Assembly in 2022.

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