RPAS Symposium Presentations

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EU Vision for drone integrationFilip Cornelis
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RPAS - EASA updateLuc Tytgat
Integrating UAS into the U.S. Airspace SystemJohn Hickey
The take-off of civil RPAS activities in FrancePatrick Gandil
RPAS Integration Needs Aerospace Manufacturing Industry ViewsMarion Blakey
ICAO VisionCatalin Radu
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General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.Scott Dann
DJI and sUAS ApplicationsJon Resnick
Radiation measurement by unmanned aircraft after Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accidentMassaki Nakadate
International Consortium of Aeronautical Test SitesMarc Moffatt
Plane InspectionIan Davies
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Matternet IncPaola Santana
IATARob Eagles
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RPAS PanelLeslie Cary and Randy Willis
Human Performance Issues in RPASJay Shively
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ICAO RPAS PanelStephen George and Bruno Moitre
RPAS Integration in Switzerland A holistic ApproachMarkus Farner
Thales Watchkeeper – Lessons from a review for Civil Certification of a Military RPASMike Gadd
The regulatory challenges facing industryAndrew Jones
RPAS Airworthiness Negotiation between Military Regulator and ManufacturerDoug Davis
Joint Authorities for Rulemaking of Unmanned SystemsRon van de Leijgraaf
Camcopter S-100Otmar Leitner
UAS Department, CAAIBenny Davidor
Israel Aerospace Industries – MALAT Airworthiness Certification The Industry SideMichael Allouche
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AMAP Unmanned Aircraft Systems Expert Group Arctic UAS OperationsRune Storvold
ICAO Guidance Material (Operations)Gerry Corbett
RPAS operations in FranceMuriel Preux and Bastien Mancini
International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot AssociationsCraig Spence
Safe AutomationYoge Patel
Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in U.S. AirspaceJim Williams
Commercial/Civil UAS Successes and ChallengesPaul McDuffee
Operational Experience and Development Trend of Civil Unmanned Aerial Systems in RussiaAmir Valiev
Director Safety and Technical AffairsDavid Gamper
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RPAS Integration into ATMMike Lissone
RPAS Airspace Integration Challenges for ANSPsDoug Davis
Safely Enabling Low-Altitude Airspace Operations Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management UTMParimal Kopardeka
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systemsand their access to Brazilian AirspaceCyro Cruz
RPAS and ATM IntegrationRuth Stilwell
IFALPA’s Views on RPASThomas Mildenberger
RPAS Integration in Germany “ATM Considerations”Martin Radusch
NAV CANADA PerspectiveBrian Guimond
ATM Integration Trials in FranceCatherine Ronfle-Nadaud
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CIVIL/MILITARY “Working Together for a Common Future”Allan Storm
Airspace integration for RPASAlban Galabert
Civil/Military Working Together for a Common FutureRandy Willis and Lance King
RPA Operations in the Malta FIR [En-route]Robert Sant
RQ-4 Operations in JapanMike Bishop
Civilian/Military Integration - AFGHANISTANJonathan McMullan
EUROCONTROL vision on RPAS integrationDominique Colin
United Nations Field Support Remotely Piloted AircraftMitch Fox
UK Civil/Military RPAS IntegrationNichola Rennet
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ICAO RPAS Manual C2 Link and CommunicationsMichael Neale
Technology – A critical element for integrationVaughn Maiolla
SESAR Initiatives for RPAS IntegrationDenis Koehl
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Standards Development RTCA SC-228 StatusPaul McDuffee
Detect and AvoidGerhard Lippitsch
RPAS - Standardisation activitiesAlexander Engel
Update on Sense and Avoid System for Predator BBrandon Suarez
DHL Parcelcopter research flight campaign 2014 for emergency delivery of medicationDieter Moormann
Collaborative Intent Exchange Based Flight Management System with Airborne Collision Avoidance for UASGokhan Inalhan
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UK Unmanned Aircraft Systems RegulationsMike Gadd
JARUS UpdateEric Sivel
South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)Sam Twala
Integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems into U.S. Airspace Overview Proposed Small UAS RuleJim Williams
The French RPAS RegulationFabien Guillotin
Canadian Unmanned Aircraft Systems RegulationsKaren Tarr
National Regulations of (small and simple) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Czech RepublicAles Bohm
RPAS in Switzerland Rules and IntegrationMarkus Farner
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Pilot Qualification Progress and challengesAndre Clot
Licensing and CompetenciesHenri Rodenburg
RPL CompetenciesNicole Barrette
Remote Pilot Medical AssessmentJohn Illson
DoD Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training ProgramsLance King
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Safety Management in RPAS OperationsMiguel Ramos
Safety Management in RPAS OperationsMike Gadd
RPAS integration in manned aircraft environmentEric Perrin
collapse Category : Workshop 09 ‎(4)
An Aviation Security View on RPASSteve Berti
RPAS Security – The Guidance ManualAlistair Munro
Physical Security of Remote Pilot Stations and Aircrafts (when On Ground)Juan Domingo-Lobato
5GHz Based C2 Link SystemErwan Le-Ho
collapse Category : Workshop 10 ‎(4)
The Legal Framework for RPAS_UASChristopher Petras
European Perspective on third party liability and insuranceAnna Masutti
Insurance and Risk Management Considerations for UASChris Proudlove
Present and Future of the RPAS Legal FrameworkLaurent Archambault
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Next steps and conclusionsStephen Creamer
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