MIDANPIRG/21 & RASG-MID/11 Meetings

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 4 – 8 March 2024

Provisional Agenda

Agenda Item 1:      Adoption of the Provisional Agenda (Plenary)


Agenda Item 2:      Global and Regional Developments (Plenary)

    1. Review of the ANC report on MIDANPIRG/20 and RASG-MID/10 Meetings
    2.   ICAO Global and Regional Aviation Safety and Air Navigation developments
    3. Update from States and International Organizations


Agenda Item 3:      Coordination between MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID (Plenary)


    1. Follow-up on the PIRG/RASG MID Conclusions and Decisions
    2. Safety Subjects of interest to MIDANPIRG
    3. Air Navigation Subjects of interest to RASG-MID
    4. MID Region Aerodromes Priorities and Challenges


Agenda Item 4:      RASG-MID Work Programme (RASG-MID/11)

    1. Follow-up on the RASG-MID/10 Conclusions and Decisions
    2. Outcomes of the RASG-MID Groups (ASRG, SEIG, ASPIG and AIIG)
    3. SSP Workshop
    4. Future Work Programme


Agenda Item 5:      MIDANPIRG Work Programme (MIDANPIRG/21)

    1. Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/20 Conclusions and Decisions
    2. MID Region Air Navigation priorities and targets
    4. Air Navigation Deficiencies
    5. States' bilateral coordination
    6. Future Work Programme


Agenda Item 6:      RASG-MID/ MIDANPIRG Working Arrangements      (Plenary)


    1. Working Arrangements
    2. Dates and Venue of MIDANPIRG/22 & RASG-MID/12


Agenda Item 7:      Any other business (Plenary)





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