Draft Programme

The Global Symposium on the Implementation of Innovation in Aviation will be online this year, giving us the huge opportunity to offer you the event in three different time zones! 

Click below to see the draft agenda for the time zone you are in:

UTC+07:00 (Bangkok)

UTC+01:00 (Paris)

UTC -05:00 (Montreal, Lima)

To navigate through the different sessions please refer to the table below where you can filter the information by time, date or time zone.  Please see this tutorial for assistance.   

ZOOMICAOtv08:0008:30December 08, 2020UTC−06:00 (Mexico City)
ZOOMICAOtv08:0008:30December 08, 2020UTC±00:00 (Dakar)
ZOOMICAOtv09:0010:30December 08, 2020UTC±00:00 (Dakar)
ZOOMICAOtv09:0010:30December 08, 2020UTC−06:00 (Mexico City)
ZOOMICAOtv09:0009:30December 08, 2020UTC+07:00 (Bangkok)
ZOOMICAOtv09:0009:30December 08, 2020UTC+01:00 (Paris)
ZOOMICAOtv09:0009:30December 08, 2020UTC-05:00 (Montreal, Lima)
ZOOMICAOtv10:0011:30December 08, 2020UTC+07:00 (Bangkok)
ZOOMICAOtv10:0011:30December 08, 2020UTC-05:00 (Montreal, Lima)
ZOOMICAOtv10:0011:30December 08, 2020UTC+01:00 (Paris)
ZOOMICAOtv10:0010:30December 08, 2020UTC+02:00 (Cairo)
ZOOMICAOtv11:0012:30December 08, 2020UTC+02:00 (Cairo)
ZOOMICAOtv11:0011:30December 08, 2020UTC+03:00 (Nairobi)
ICAOtv11:0011:30December 08, 2020UTC−06:00 (Mexico City)
ZOOMICAOtv12:0013:30December 08, 2020UTC+07:00 (Bangkok)
ZOOMICAOtv12:0013:30December 08, 2020UTC+03:00 (Nairobi)
ZOOMICAOtv12:0013:30December 08, 2020UTC±00:00 (Dakar)
ZOOMICAOtv12:0012:30December 08, 2020UTC−06:00 (Mexico City)
ICAOtv12:0012:30December 08, 2020UTC-05:00 (Montreal, Lima)
ZOOMICAOtv13:0014:30December 08, 2020UTC±00:00 (Dakar)
ZOOMICAOtv13:0014:30December 08, 2020UTC−06:00 (Mexico City)
ZOOMICAOtv13:0013:30December 08, 2020UTC+01:00 (Paris)
ZOOMICAOtv13:0013:30December 08, 2020UTC-05:00 (Montreal, Lima)
ZOOMICAOtv14:0015:30December 08, 2020UTC+01:00 (Paris)
ZOOMICAOtv14:0015:30December 08, 2020UTC-05:00 (Montreal, Lima)
ZOOMICAOtv14:0015:30December 08, 2020UTC+02:00 (Cairo)
ZOOMICAOtv15:0016:30December 08, 2020UTC+02:00 (Cairo)
ZOOMICAOtv15:0016:30December 08, 2020UTC±00:00 (Dakar)
ZOOMICAOtv15:0016:30December 08, 2020UTC−06:00 (Mexico City)
ZOOMICAOtv15:0016:30December 08, 2020UTC+03:00 (Nairobi)
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