Participating in the GLADs

The GLADs are intended to serve as a forum for participants to learn and to engage constructively with the subject matter and with each other, with a view to contributing effectively to the work of the Council and ultimately the decision of the Assembly on a global MBM for international civil aviation. Contributions are especially encouraged from participants representing States that are not currently active in bodies that are elaborating the global MBM scheme (e.g. the Council’s Environment Advisory Group (EAG)) or aspects thereof (e.g. the Council’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection). In the interest of making full use of the limited time available for constructive dialogue, there will be no time allocated during the meeting for the delivery of prepared statements.
Participant profile
Participants in the GLADs are drawn from the governments of Member States as well as relevant stakeholders, including the aviation industry. In light of the content and format of the GLADs, participation is expected to be the most beneficial for officials serving in a medium- to high-level advisory capacity within their respective State or stakeholder on the subject of developing the global MBM scheme for international civil aviation. Participation is by invitation only. Credentials will be required to confirm registration.

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