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1. Biographies of speakers



Tuesday, 18 October 2011

  1. Welcome Address by ICAO
    Mr. Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General, ICAO
  2. Keynote Address
    Mr. Sha Zukang, Under-Secretary-General, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Secretary-General for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD)
  3. Setting the Scene
    1. Ms. Jane Hupe
      Chief, Environment Branch, ICAO
    2. Mr. Ted Thrasher
      Environment Officer, ICAO

  4. A Vision for the Sustainability of Alternative Fuels for Aviation
    1. Ambassador Jorge Taunay
      (Representative of Brazil on the Council of ICAO)
    2. Mr. Zheng Xingwu
      Professor at the Institute of International Economics, Civil Aviation University, China
    3. Mr. Gilberto Lopez Meyer
      Director General, Airports and Auxiliary Services - ASA, Mexico
    4. Ms. Maryam Ali Ahmed Al Balooshi
      United Arab Emirates
    5. Dr. Lourdes Maurice
      Federal Aviation Administration, United States
    6. Mr. Peter Bombay
      Head of Office, Representative of European Union to ICAO
    7. Mr. Jeff Gazzard
      Aviation Environment Federation
    8. Mr. Paul Steele
      Air Transport Action Group
    9. Mr. Michael Hurd
      Environmental Strategy, Boeing
    10. Mr. Matthew Rudolf
      Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels
  5. Consortia
    1. Mr. Guilherme Freire
      Environmental Strategies Director Embraer and ABRABA Executive Director
    2. Mr. Alexander Zschocke for Joachim Buse
      Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany, AIREG
    3. Dr. Nicolas Jeuland
      IFP New Energies, France
    4. Mr. Richard L. Altman
      Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative
    5. Ms Linden Coppell
      Etihad Airways on behalf of Masdar Institute Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium
    6. Mr. Philippe Novelli
      ONERA - France
Wednesday, 19 October 2011
  1. Research
    1. Dr. Christiane Bruynooghe
      European Commission
    2. Dr. Jennifer Holmgren
    3. Dr. Delia Dimitriu, Manchester Metropolitan University - MMU-CATE
      Mr. Frederic Eychenne, Airbus
    4. Mr. Andy Kershaw
      British Airways
    5. Mr. Dirk Kronemeijer
    6. Dr. Andreas Sizmann
      Bauhaus Luftfahrt
    7. Dr. Fayette Collier
      ERA, NASA
  2. Qualification
    1. Mr. Mark Rumizen
      Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative, CAAFI
    2. Mr. Kevin Weiss
      Byogy Renewables, Inc.
  3. Deployment
    1. Mr. Thilo Zelt
      Leuphana University Luneburg
    2. Mr. Cesar Velarde
      Observatory of Sustainability in Aviation - OBSA, SENASA Spain
    3. Mr. John Plaza
      Imperium Renewables
    4. Mr. John Lo
      Shell Aviation
    5. Mr. Jim Rekoske
      Honeywell's UOP
    6. Mr. Xavier Oh
      Airport Council International
    7. Ms. Nancy Young
      Air Transport Association of America - ATA
    8. Mr. David White
      Virgin Australia Airlines
  4. Partnership and Cooperation
    1. Dr. Lourdes Maurice
      FAA, United States
    2. Ms. Amy Bann
    3. Mr. Cesar Velarde, OBSA-Spain
      Mr. Alejanddro Rios, ASA-Mexico
Thursday, 20 October 2011

  1. Legal and Regulatory Framework
    1. Ms. Jane Hupe
      ICAO Secretariat, Chief Environment Branch
    2. Mr. Alejandro Rios
      ASA - Mexico
    3. Mr. Nate Brown
      FAA, United States
    4. Mr. Andy Kershaw
      Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group
  2. Accounting, Life-Cycle Analysis, Sustainability
    1. Ms. Nancy Young
    2. Mr. Matthew Rudolf
      Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels
    3. Dr. Chris Malins
      International Council on Clean Transportation
    4. Mr. Russell Stratton
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Financing Alternative Fuels
    1. Mr. Donald P. Schenk
      ACA Associates, Inc.
    2. Mr. Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho
      Inter-American Development Bank
    3. Mr. Ravin Appadoo
      Aviation Fuel Solutions, Inc.
    4. Ms. Cindy Thyfault
      Westar Trade Resources
    5. Mr. Salim Morsy
      Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  4. Workshop wrap-up
    1. Ms. Jane Hupe, ICAO


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