ICAO Side-Event at Bonn Climate Change Talks, 2009

​Aviation Alternative Fuels towards Sustainable Air Travel


ICAO Side-Event at the Bonn Climate Change Talks


Bonn, Germany, 3 June 2009



Aviation alternative fuels offer one of the most promising options for future sustainable aviation operations. This event of the Bonn Climate Change Talks outlined the progress, challenges and upcoming initiatives for a global solution.

ICAO provided an update of its work in the area of alternative fuels. This side event began at 1300 hours in the Metro room. Visit the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (www.unfccc.int) for further information.
Click here to view a Summary of Research and Perspectives presented at the ICAO Workshop on Aviation and Alternative Fuels, February 2009.


  1. Aviation Alternative Fuels towards Sustainable Air Travel
    Jane Hupe, Chief, Environment Section, ICAO
  2. Alternative Fuels for Aviation
    Mike Farmery (Shell Aviation) with input from Piet Roets (SASOL) and Jennifer Holmgren (UOP)
  3. Airlines' Test Programmes and Ongoing Activities on Alternative Fuels
    Thomas Roetger, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  4. Aviation Alternative Fuels - Towards Sustainable Air Travel
    Philippe Fonta, Airbus and International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA)
  5. The Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI)
    Dr. Lourdes Maurice, Federation Aviation Administration, United States
  6. Alternative Aviation Fuels, Questions, Challenges and Policy Makers' Perspectives
    Doris Schröcker, European Commission
  7. Role of Biofuels in Aviation Climate Change Mitigation
    Bill Hemmings, International Coalition for Sustainable Aviation
  8. Alternative Fuels for Aviation Side Event - Summary


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