ICAO Colloquium on Aviation Emissions with Exhibition

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​ICAO held its second environmental Colloquium (the first held in April 2001) which focussed on aviation emissions.

This Colloquium provided a forum on aviation emissions, in particular on related key developments emanating from the 7th Meeting of ICAO’s Committee for Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) from 5 to 16 February 2007. This timely event sought to share information on the work on emissions with a view to facilitating environment-related discussions and high-level decision-making at the 36th Session of the ICAO Assembly in September 2007.

Representatives from ICAO's Contracting States, aviation industries, international organizations and academic/ research institutions attended.

The Colloquium was conceptualized in four modules. The first module presented main scientific findings about the nature of environmental problems caused by aircraft emissions. The second module focused on available inventories and databases as well as methodologies and models used to measure the impact of aviation emissions. With that foundation, modules 3 and 4 considered measures that are geared to mitigate the effects of aviation emissions on local air quality and global climate change, respectively. They addressed technological developments, operational measures and possible approaches of market-based measures and evaluated their effectiveness. Presentations given by renowned environmental experts and scientists may be viewed under the "documentation"tab. As a closure, a panel discussed the views of the various stakeholders on the ways forward to address aviation emissions.




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