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​ ​DRONE ENABLE/3   Registration Fees

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* Requirements/Documentation

FEE  ($ USD)

Member State and Government Officials*

Free of Charge

International Organizations*

Two (2) Registrations 

Free of Charge
Speakers, Moderators, RPAS Panel, UAS-AG * Free of Charge
​ICAO Staff Members and Resident Delegations* Free of Charge
​Additional International Organizations* $500.00 USD
General Public/Industry ​$950.00 USD
​Academia* ​$150.00 USD


            Platinum        Six (6) Registrations*

            Gold               Four (4)Registrations*

            Bronze           One (1) Registration*


Free of Charge

​Additional Sponsor Registration* ​$500.00 USD
​Exhibitors                 Two (2) Registrations* ​Free of Charge
Additional Exhibitor Registration* ​​$500.00 USD

​Media Partners/Supporting Organizations*

    Two (2) Registrations

​Free of Charge
​Additional Media Partners/Supporting Organizations* ​$950.00 USD
​Media/Press* ​Free of Charge*



 ​Free of Charge/Discounted Registration Documentation Requirements 

Member State and Government Officials

    *Letter of Designation by the State required. Once approved, vouchers code(s)

      will be provided to the individual(s) nominated by the state.

      Submit Letter of Designation to

International Organizations  - Two (2)Registrations  Free of Charge     

      *Letter of Designation by the Organization, as listed by ICAO, is required.

      Once approved, voucher code(s) will be provided to the two individual(s)  

      nominated. Submit Letter of Designation to

Additional International Organizations

       *Prior to payment of registration fee, a letter of designation is required to

         be submitted and approved by ICAO. Send to

 ICAO Staff Members and Resident Delegations

       *Proceed to Online Registration. A valid ICAO Email is required.

Speakers, Moderators, RPAS Panel and UAS Advisory Group

       *Speakers and Moderators for DRONE ENABLE/3 will be registered by the

          RPAS Programme Office.

        *RPAS Panel and UAS AG will be registered upon receipt of intent to

          attend the Symposium. Send notification to


         *Proof of Full Time Status is required. Send to

Sponsors, Exhibitors, Media Partners/Supporting Organizations    

             *Voucher codes to register are provided by ICAO Business Development upon contract

             completion. To receive the voucher codes or have questions,  please contact


            *For Additional Representatives in the above categories, prior to

            registering at the reduced rate, the contract holder is required to  

            provide the name(s) for approval to


        For more information click   Media Accreditation

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