The Conference will consider recommendations for action on key topics related to the development and deployment of sustainable alternative fuels for Aviation. These subjects include:​

Developments in research and certification of aviation alternative fuels​

  • the current types of aviation alternative fuels in use at different world airports, and recommendations on how to  foster, encourage and support deployment projects foreseen for the near future;
  • recommendations for encouraging research on new types of aviation alternative fuels, including diversification of pathways and feedstock volume increase for use in aviation alternative fuels production; and
  • recommendations to support the certification of future pathways.

​Financing and assistance programmes for aviation alternative fuels

  • the current initiatives and programmes in place, and the barriers for the deployment of  aviation alternative fuels;
  • recommendations for encouraging the identification of new financial sources and business models for the deployment of  aviation alternative fuels; and
  • recommendations for fostering the development of partnerships and financial support to promote the use of Alternative Fuels in Aviation, considering the status and results from the ICAO assistance programmes and feasibility studies being developed in partnership with the EU and UNDP.

Challenges and policy making

  • recommendations for aviation alternative fuel policies, aiming to level the playing field between aviation and other transportation sectors, in terms of policies for the development and deployment of alternative fuels;
  • recommendations for the financing of alternative fuels projects; the potential generation of emissions units/credits from such projects; and their potential use in CORSIA; and
  • information on how alternative fuels benefits will be accounted for in CORSIA, as well as the associated sustainability criteria. 

Defining the ICAO vision on aviation alternative fuels and future objectives

  • ​​an ICAO Vision on Aviation Alternative Fuels, will reflect current plans and programmes, and will encourage States to take further action at national and international levels to further develop and deploy sustainable alternative fuels for aviation; and
  • future steps needed to foster the deployment of alternative fuels for aviation and partnerships. 

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