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The ICAO Global Aviation Security Symposium (AVSEC2017) will provide a unique platform for connecting government bodies, civil aviation authorities and industry leaders. ICAO is pleased to offer an opportunity for any ICAO Member State attendees, as well as delegates who are registered as exhibitors or sponsors, to setup meetings between States, aviation security and airport authorities, manufacturers, academics, law enforcement agencies and airlines to discuss projects and collaboration opportunities, business proposals, and to showcase a new product(s).


As a participant representing a Member State, this Meeting Service Platform will provide you a great opportunity to connect with other State officials. This service is catered to State decision-makers interested in holding bilateral or multi-lateral meetings to discuss direct assistance opportunities, agreements, high-level aviation security discussions or just to meet a new AVSEC counterpart. If you are a representative from a Member State with access to the ICAO AVSEC Point-of-Contact Network, an online directory of international aviation security contacts, you may consult the online directory for the most up-to-date State-designated aviation security contacts to discuss this opportunity to meet on the margins of AVSEC2017”

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Registration Fees: FREE



Step 1: Complete the Registration Page
Step 2: Consult the list of Participating States and Industry Participants  
Step 3: Complete the Meeting Request Form to submit a request for meetings with any participating International Organization, or other industry player.
Step 4: AVSEC Events Team will contact you via e-mail with the initial and final meeting schedules
*Please note that your meeting requests are subject to approval from the respective party. Scheduling adjustments will be arranged directly with the AVSEC Events Team by e-mail (

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