ICAO ATFM Global Symposium (ATFM2017)

ICAO ATFM Global Symposium (ATFM2017)

20 - 22 November 2017
Marina Bay Sands Hotel, 10 Bayfront Avenue
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 Registration hours

Monday, 20 November:  07:30-10:00hrs

Tuesday, 21 November:  08:00-09:00hrs

Wednesday, 22 November: 08:00-09:00hrs

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 ICAO ATFM Global Symposium​

The ICAO ATFM Global Symposium will bring together Member States, international organizations and industry to examine how flow management procedures can address the challenges of traffic growth at airports, as well as in terminal and en-route airspace.


Drawing from the experience of implementers from all parts of the world, the symposium will provide a unique opportunity to discover new flow management techniques and practices focusing on long range solutions and international ATFM.


An industry exhibition will showcase the wide range of existing technologies as well as research and development activities of this vibrant industry sector.

 Map directions to ICAO ATFM Global Symposium at Convention Centre


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For further information regarding the symposium, please contact ATFM@icao.int ​​


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