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Presentations and Speeches

  1. Opening address by the ICAO Secretary General
    Presented by Folasade Odutola, Director, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO
  2. Aviation Statistics and Data: A Vital Tool for the Decision-making Process
    Presented by Narjess Teyssier, Chief, Economic Analysis and Policy Section, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO
  3. Safety Data Collection and Analysis at ICAO
    Presented by Marco Merens, Safety Data Analysis Officer, Integrated Safety Management Section, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO
  4. Security
    Presented by Jim Marriott, Chief, Aviation Security Branch, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO
  5. The Role of Statistics in Aviation Environmental Protection
    Presented by Jane Hupe, Chief, Environment Branch, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO
  6. Boeing Statistical Activities
    Wendy Sowers, Business Environment Director, Business Strategy and Marketing, Boeing
  7. IATA Statistical Activities
    Jean Ruiz, Head of Aviation Forecast and Statistics, International Air Transport Association
  8. International COSPAS-SARSAT Programme
    Cheryl Bertoia, Deputy Head of Secretariat, Principal Operations Officer, COSPAS-SARSAT
  9. ACI Statistical Activities
    Georgina Graham, Director, ACI Bureau Montréal
  10. Bombardier Statistical Activities
    Steven Davis-Mendelow, Manager, Market Development, Bombardier
  11. Quiz Results
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