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Welcome to the website of the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Symposium which will be held at ICAO Headquarters in Montreal, Canada, from 1 to 4 March 2010.


The theme for the symposium is "Looking beyond the economic crisis: mobilizing the aviation community to recruit, educate, train and retain the next generation of aviation professionals".

ICAO, IATA and industry stakeholders have joined efforts to develop policies to ensure that enough competent personnel are available to manage and maintain a global air transportation system. The aviation industry is challenged by a difficult economic context, changing demographics and new technologies with far-reaching potential. In this context, it becomes urgent to review existing regulations and propose a new regulatory environment for the recruitment, education, training and retention of the next generation of aviation professionals. Therefore, the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Symposium is being held in order to be prepared for the continued growth of the air transportation system and to address these challenges.


The intent of the symposium is to propose specific actions in two areas: to update and modify the regulatory environment in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of training and education; and to mobilize the community to revitalize the image of aviation professions. These actions will be aimed at all stakeholders, including civil aviation authorities, airlines, ANSPs, training and education providers and international organizations.


On 1 March 2010, two workshops will be conducted on specific topics of interest. These workshops will be conducted in English only.


From 2 to 4 March, simultaneous interpretation in ICAO's working languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic) will be provided.


For more information on the programme, registration, exhibition and sponsorship, as well as other arrangements for the symposium, please continue to visit this website as it will be updated on a regular basis.


We look forward to your participation!



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