Availability of Assembly documentation in electronic format and its distribution in paper format

Assembly documentation will be placed on the Assembly website as it becomes available. Taking into consideration the availability of all Assembly documentation in electronic format and internet facilities provided to delegates for its access, no documentation in paper format will be distributed before the beginning of the Assembly.


Distribution of Assembly documentation in paper format will be further reduced to a maximum of four copies per delegation of each Member State and a maximum of two copies per Observer's delegation. States requiring documentation in paper format are requested to provide ICAO, during the registration process, with the names of a maximum of four delegates who should receive such documentation, and delegates entitled to paper copies will receive a full set of documentation after the registration process. If these names are not provided, then the Chief Delegate and first registered Alternate Chief Delegate of each delegation will automatically receive documentation in the language of their choice. Additional delegates (a maximum of two per State) will receive paper documentation in the language of their choice on a first-registered, first-served basis, unless other criteria for distribution are given by the Chief Delegate.


The distribution box number will be indicated on the badge of the Delegates entitled to receive paper documentation. Personal mail, such as invitations to social functions for delegates without an assigned distribution box, will be distributed through the Chief Delegate or Delegate designated by the Chief Delegate. Any changes in the assigned distribution boxes must be arranged in consultation with the Assembly Registration personnel.


Saleable ICAO publications required as reference for the work of the Assembly will be accessible through the ICAO-NET to delegates with personal computers and wireless capability. Temporary access to the ICAO-NET will be provided to all delegates upon registration. Delegates are encouraged to use Assembly documentation in electronic format to the maximum possible extent.


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