Joint ICAO/AFCAC Symposium



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A Joint ICAO/AFCAC Regional Symposium for African States on Airport and Air Navigation Services Infrastructure Financing was held from 29 November – 1 December 2010 in Maputo, hosted by the Institute for Civil Aviation of Mozambique – IACM.
This meeting was a follow-up to the Regional Symposium on the Economics of Airports and Air Navigation Services for African States held in Kampala, Uganda, in August 2009, and the two Regional Workshops held in Dakar and Nairobi, in February and March 2010, respectively.
The purpose of the Symposium was to provide a forum for African States and aviation stakeholders to exchange views and experiences on airport and air navigation services infrastructure financing, and discuss related issues.
The programme of the Symposium included presentations and panel discussions by ICAO, AFCAC and other invited speakers and panellists. The Symposium covered many aspects of infrastructure financing, including ICAO’s guidance on the issue and views of lending/financing institutions. It was beneficial to senior officials of civil aviation authorities, airport and air navigation services providers, as well as to other stakeholders, in particular to those working in the finance field.

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