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Assembly Resolutions in Force (as of 28 September 2007)
Resolutions — Provisional Edition – September 2007
Extracts of A36-Min. EX/11 and A36-Min. EX/10 (Minutes of the Eleventh and Tenth Meetings of the Executive Committee - Reservations made to Assembly Resolutions A36-22 and A36-28
Extracts of A36-Min. P/9 (Minutes of the Ninth Plenary Meeting) - Reservations made to Assembly Resolutions A36-22, A36-24 and A36-28


Action Sheet No. Language
Action Sheet No. 1
Action Sheet No. 1 – Corrigendum No. 1
Action Sheet No. 2
Action Sheet No. 3
Action Sheet No. 4
Action Sheet No. 5
Action Sheet No. 6


List of Delegates No. and Date Language
Number 1          
Number 2 (21/09/07)          
Number 3 (25/09/07)          
Number 4 (26/09/07)          
Number 5 (27/09/07)          


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Assembly Duties    
Overview of trends and developments in international air transport (02/08/07)
English only
Standing Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (Doc 7600)
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