Draft Programme Details
as of 23 May 2011
Prestigious speakers and panellists from diverse countries across multiple operational disciplines including regulatory authorities, industry partners, as well as research organizations involved in the development of new technologies, will provide insights into various factors affecting runway safety.
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Session 1:The State of Runway Safety -Towards a global framework
  • Master of Ceremonies - Ms. Nancy Graham,
    Director Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO
  • Welcome and Opening - Mr. Ma Tao,
    First Vice President of the ICAO Council

A. Runway Safety Overview
     Moderator: Mr. Michel Wachenheim - ICAO Council Representative, France

  • VIDEO INTRODUCTION: Collage on Runway Safety History (5 mins)
  • Panel on Global View on the Scope of Runway Safety – What is the scale of the problem?  - Panel interview format (75 mins)
    • Why is runway safety still such a pervasive issue?
    • How well are we doing collectively?
    • Where are the primary risks globally and regionally?
    • What needs to be defined and clarified?
    • Panelists:
    • Mr. Bo Redeborn (EUROCONTROL)
      Mr. Joseph Teixeira (FAA)
      Mr. Katsuyuki Nakatsubo (ENRI)
      Mr. Guenther Matschnigg (IATA)
      Ms. Angela Gittens (ACI)
      Mr. Graham Lake (CANSO)


  • Mr. Michel Wachenheim - Summary Remarks (5 mins)




12:30-12:45Lunch Sponsor's Presentation






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Day1 - Afternoon


Session 2: Measuring Runway Safety

A. Harvesting the Full Power of Safety Data
      Moderator: Mr. Mervyn Fernando - President of the ICAO Air Navigation
                                                   Commission (5 min introduction)

  • Presentations on Data Integration: The added value of integrating multiple data sources and disseminating analysis results to the aviation community (15 mins each):
    • ASIAS - Mr. Jay Pardee, FAA
    • Skybrary - Mr. Tony Licu, EUROCONTROL
    • Using Data to Reduce Risk - Mr. Jim Burin, FSF
    • GSIC, FDX & STEADES - Mr. Chris Glaeser, IATA
  • Mervyn Fernando - Questions to presenters (20 mins) 
                                      - Lead in to next session

 Coffee /Refreshments

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B. From Facts to Action
      Moderator: Ms. Kerryn Macaulay, ICAO Council Representative, Australia
                       (5 min introduction)

  • Presentations on transforming analysis findings into effective responses (15 mins each):
    • Efficient Information on Runway Conditions - Mr. Jean Michel Aubas, DGCA, France
    • Runway Safety Risk Analysis - Mr. Mark DeNicuolo, CANSO
    • Using Data to Reduce Risk - Mr. Jim Burin, FSF
  • Ms. Kerryn Macaulay - Summary Remarks (10 mins)


17:00-17:15Welcome Reception Sponsor's Presentation





Welcome Reception

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Continental Breakfast, 4th Floor

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Session 3: Operational Challenges
0 9:30-11:00

A. Harmonisation Issues
      Moderator: Ms. Nancy Graham - Director Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO
                                                      (15 min introduction)

  • Panel discussion consisting of DGCA level representatives from the following (50 mins):
    • CAAC - Mr. Zhang Zhijun
    • EASA - Mr. John Vincent
    • COCESNA - Mr. Rodrigo Brenes
    • ICAO - Mr. John Illson
    • IFALPA - Mr. Paul McCarthy
    • Each to address:
      Standardisation vs. Harmonisation - identifying opportunities to enhance Standards and guidance and maximise compliance.
  • E-Questions to Panel (15 mins)
  • Ms. Nancy Graham - Summary Remarks (5 mins)

 Coffee /Refreshments

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B. The Value of a Collaborative Response
Moderator: Mr. Benard Aliu - ICAO Council Representative, Nigeria

  • Responding to Operational Challenges: Presentations on effective response to the challenges encountered on disparate operating environments (15 mins each):
    • Chinese Case Study - Mr. Zhang Zhijun, CAAC
    • Local Runway Safety Teams - Ms. Yvonne Page, EUROCONTROL
    • Regional Aviation Safety Groups - Mr. Gerardo Hueto, Industry Safety Strategy Group/ICCAIA
  • Mr. Benard Aliu - Summary Remarks (5 mins)








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Day2 - Afternoon


Session 4: Technical Solutions

A. Preventing Incursions (60 mins)
      Moderator: Mr. Chris Hart - Vice Chairman, NTSB (5 min context setting)

  • Presentations: Runway Safety Solutions - Preventing Incursions
    (15 mins each)
    • Aerodrome Ops perspective: (e.g. Light systems, taxi procedures, surface alerting and indications ADS-B application) - Ms. Kate Lang, FAA
    • Tower perspective: (e.g. Traffic conflict alerting systems for ATC) - Martin Rulffs, DFS
    • Regional Aviation Safety Groups - Mr. Gerardo Hueto, Industry Safety Strategy Group/ICCAIA
  • Mr. Chris Hart - Lead in to next session (5 mins)



15:00-15:30Coffee / Refreshments

B. Preventing Excursions

Moderator: Mr. Michael Rossell - ICAO Council Representative,
                                                       United Kingdom (5 min context setting)

  • Presentations: Creating an environment to reduce Runway Excursions (15 mins each):
    • Destabilized Approaches, the operational perspective - Mr. Bertrand de Courville, IATA
    • ATC's role in preventing excursions - Mr. Stephen Angus, CANSO
    • Technical solutions from the Design and Manufacturing sector - Mr. Claude Lelaie, ICCAIA
  • Panel Discussion and E-Questions: (30 mins)
    • Panel consists of the 6 previous presenters (discussing incursions and excursions)
  • Mr. Michael Rossell - Summary remarks (10 mins)


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Cocktail Reception

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Day3 - Morning


Session 5: Expanding the Scope of Runway Safety

A. The Multiple Facets of Runway Safety
      Moderator: Mr. Martin Eley - DGCA, Canada (5 min context setting)

  • Presentations: (70 mins - 12 mins each):
    • Joint military/civil use of runways - Mr. Fred Stein, FAA
    • Aerodrome certification - Mr. Gernot Kessler, EASA
    • COCESNA - Mr. Rodrigo BrenesRunway safety from the business aviation perspective - Mr. Don Spruston, IBAC
    • Operating in uncontrolled airports (info services, weather)
      - Mr. John Sheehan, IAOPA
    • Limitations of human performance - Mr. Paul McCarthy, IFALPA
    • Birdstrikes & FOD - Mr. Brett Patterson, ACI
  • Mr. Martin Eley - Summary remarks (10 mins)




 Coffee /Refreshments

Sponsored by the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines


B. Emergency Response
Moderator: Mr. Ng Tee Chiou - ICAO Council Representative, Singapore
                                              (5 min context setting and presentation of scenario)

  • Panel: Responding effectively to runway safety events & ensuring safe continuity of operations - scenario presentation (40 mins)
    • Mr. Al Madar - IATA
    • Ms. Deane Johanis - ACI
    • Mr. Dale Wright - IFATCA
  • Panel Discussion and E-Questions (15 mins)
12:30-14:00Lunch Break



Day3 - Afternoon


Session 6: The Next Step

Moderator: Ms. Nancy Graham - Director Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO

  • Panel: Outcomes from the Symposium (75 Mins)
    • Mr. Bill Voss - FSF
    • Mr. Eckard Seebohm - European Commission
    • Ms. Kate Lang - FAA
    • Ms. Angela Gittens - ACI
    • Mr. Guenther Matschnigg - IATA
    • Mr. Don Spruston - IBAC
    • Mr. John Sheehan - IAOPA
    • Mr. Stephen Angus - CANSO
    • Mr. Paul McCarthy - IFALPA
    • Mr. Dale Wright - IFATCA
    • Dr. Claude Lajeunesse - ICCAIA
  • Ms. Nancy Graham - Closing Remarks (15 mins)



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