The Technical Co-operation Bureau (TCB) is comprised of a multi-faceted team of professional and support staff who are dedicated to executing ICAO’s Technical Co-operation Programme (TCP) with a commitment to quality, timeliness and client satisfaction.

Office of the Director

The Director of the Technical Co-operation Bureau (D/TCB), under the delegated authority of the Secretary General, is responsible for managing and coordinating the work and staff of the Bureau, and for the planning, development and implementation of ICAO technical cooperation projects and activities.

Field Operations

The Field Operations section comprises the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe and the Middle East units. Our personnel contribute in four key areas:
      • participate in and assist with country programming and the identification of possible projects;
      • plan and oversee the preparation and revision of project documents;
      • represent the Technical Co-operation Bureau in the process of obtaining project approvals;
      • monitor the timely, cost effective, and efficient execution of approved projects.
      • The technical standards to which they work are those laid down in the relevant ICAO Annexes.
      • Management and control is effected through regular communications with civil aviation administrations, UNDP and its Resident Representatives, project co-ordinators and ICAO Regional Offices.


The Fellowships unit, in close liaison with the staff of the Field Operations Sections, is responsible for processing of fellowship awards including:
      • negotiations with civil aviation training institutions;
      • arrangements for the required training programmes;
      • placement of fellows in those programmes;
      • evaluation of student progress;
      • administration of remuneration due to fellows.


The Procurement section is responsible for the provision to technical cooperation projects of equipment, services and related civil works, in accordance with approved specifications and purchasing procedures. The Section’s work is focused on:
      • development of technical specifications;
      • identification of sources of supply on a worldwide basis;
      • calls for tenders;
      • technical/financial evaluations;
      • negotiations with suppliers on specifications, price and delivery;
      • preparation, award and management of purchase orders/contracts;
      • insurance and shipping arrangements;
      • monitoring of final site acceptance, installation and commissioning of procured equipment, warranty administration.
Close liaison is maintained with civil aviation departments, ICAO field staff, and personnel of the Field Operations Sections on matters of specifications and costs.

Field Personnel

The Field Personnel section is responsible for:
      • administering the recruitment and selection of suitably qualified personnel to fill approved posts in the technical co-operation field programme;
      • negotiating with states on the availability and release of technical co-operation field project staff;
      • arranging the appointment of those selected and administering the conditions of service of field service staff in accordance with the provisions of the Field Service Staff Rules and the Technical Co-operation Bureau’s Field Personnel Instructions Manual.
Close liaison is maintained with civil aviation departments, ICAO field staff and personnel of the Field Operations Sections on matters of recruitment and costs.