Climate Change: Global Market-based Measure (MBM)


​Frequ​​e​​ntly Asked Questions regarding the proposed global Market-based Measure​

​Progress since 38th ICAO Assembly on a global MBM scheme

  1. Why has ICAO deci​ded to develop a global MBM scheme​ fo​r international aviation? 

  2. What is CORSIA and how does it work?

  3. What would be the impact of joining CORSIA?

  4. How will ICAO support States to implement the CORSIA?

  5. Top 3 reasons to join CORSIA​​

  6. Top 3 misconceptio​ns about CORSIA​.​


​​​Proposed global MBM (A39-WP/52):  

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MBM Background information​​​​​

Significant wo​rk has been undertaken by ICAO and its Member States, in cooperation with the aviation industry and other stakeholders, in developing a global MBM for international aviation, including:

  • ICAO Council’s Environment Advisory Group (EAG), from March 2014 to January 2016​

  • Technical and analytical work by Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP), Global MBM Technical Task Force (GMTF)

  • Two rounds of Global Aviation Dialogues (GLADs), in 2015 and 2016​

  • Two meetings of the High-level Group on a global MBM scheme in February and April 2016

  • Organizing a High-level Meeting on a global MBM scheme in May 2016

  • Friends of the President Meeting in August 2016​​​​


As of 28 September 2016, 62​ States, representi​ng more than 83.8​​​% of international aviation activity, intend to voluntarily participate in the global MBM scheme from its outset.


Canada, Mexico and United States2016-06-29CanadaMexicoUnited States
Indonesia2016-08-22ICAO A39-WP/211
44 ECAC States2016-09-03Bratislava DeclarationICAO A39- WP/414
 China and United States2016-09-03ChinaUnited States
Marshall Islands2016-09-06Marshall Islands
European Union, Marshall Islands, Mexico2016-09-16High Ambition Coalition
New Zealand 2016-09-23New Zealand
G7 States2016-09-24G7 Transport Minister's Joint Statement
Thailand2016-09-28Statement at ICAO 39th Assembly
Israel2016-09-28 Statement at ICAO 39th Assembly
Costa Rica2016-09-28Costa Rica
Papua New Guinea2016-09-29Statement at ICAO 39th Assembly



United Kingdom2016-09-19
United Arab Emirates2016-09-22
New Zealand 2016-09-23
Republic of Korea2016-09-23
Czech Republic2016-09-27
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