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The International Civil Aviation Organization's Aviation Training Directory (ATD), is a global on-line listing of aviation training providers. It offers a comprehensive list of government approved aviation training centers, which allows visitors to freely browse through the site and obtain detail information on training courses; recognizing the authenticity of the center.
The ATD provides aviation training centres global visibility and marketing opportunities, enabling them to reach aviation training stakeholders from ICAO's 191 member states. The ATD site is becoming one of the world's most visited, comprehensive and effective online aviation training directories.  It contains more than 500 training centres from 100 countries, 5850 course listings from close to 200 course categories.
ICAO is encouraging training centres to visit the ATD and partake in this online endeavour to connect to the global aviation training community.
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The ICAO Aviation Training Directory welcomes the following new members     for April 2014:   

  • Aviation Academy for Southern Africa-AAFSA   (South Africa)
  • Centre Francais de Formation des Pompiers d'Aeroport   (France)
  • Cargair   (Canada)
  • Art Williams Aeronautical Engineering School   (Guyana)
  • Loumed Cabin Crew Training Center-LCCTC   (Morocco)
  • Qatar Airways Maintenance Training   (Qatar)
  • Resource Group   (United Kingdom)
  • United for Aviation Technology Services (Egypt)