Capacity Development and Implementation Bureau

ICAO’s Capacity Development and Implementation Programme provides advice and assistance in the development and implementation of projects across the full spectrum of civil aviation aimed at the safety, security, environmental protection, and sustainable development of national and international civil aviation. The Programme is conducted under the broad policy guidance of the ICAO Assembly and of the Council. Subject to general guidance by the Secretary General, the Capacity Development and Implementation Programme is executed by the Capacity Development and Implementation Bureau (CDI).


Since its establishment in 1952, CDI has implemented civil aviation projects with an accumulated value in excess of US$ 2 billion. With an average annual programme size of over US$ 120 million, it is involved in approximately 250 projects each year with individual project budgets ranging from less than US$ 20 000 to over US$ 120 million. To date, CDI has provided assistance to over 115 countries, deploying annually approximately 1200 international and national experts.


As part of ICAO, a non-profit organization, CDI can offer its services under most favorable and cost-effective condition and guarantees strict neutrality, objectivity, and transparency, as it does not represent any particular national or commercial interest, nor the interest of any donor in general. Its advice is therefore governed by objective technical and financial considerations.


Policy on ICAO Implementation Support provided to States


The Policy on ICAO Implementation Support provided to States was approved by the ICAO Council during its 225th Session in March 2022. Designed to strengthen the coordination and management of ICAO’s implementation support activities to better meet the needs of Member States and non-State entities, the Policy will ensure that the support provided is consistent in content and delivery regardless of the source of assistance or the associated funding mechanism and guide CDI in the implementation of capacity development and technical assistance projects.


Moreover, the Implementation Support Policy aims to strengthen the Organization’s goal to deliver as One-ICAO. This implies a well-coordinated and consistent approach for delivering implementation support based on the needs of States. To manage complexity and deliver implementation support across all areas of civil aviation, the ICAO Secretariat will cooperate and collaborate efficiently and effectively with internal and external stakeholders, avoiding duplication and optimizing the allocation of resources.


Policy on ICAO Implementation Support Provided to States


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