Council States 2019-2022


The following States were elected from among ICAO’s 193 Member States to the Organization’s 36 Member Governing Council during the 2019 ICAO Assembly.


PART I      −     

States of chief importance in air transport

Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and the United States.


PART II      −     

States which make the largest contribution to the provision of facilities for international civil air navigation

Argentina, Colombia, Egypt, Finland*, India, Mexico, Netherlands*, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, and Spain.


PART III      −     

States ensuring geographic representation

Costa Rica*, Côte d’Ivoire*, Dominican Republic*, Equatorial Guinea*, Greece*, Malaysia, Paraguay*, Peru*, Republic of Korea, Sudan*, Tunisia*, United Arab Emirates, Zambia*.

* States which were newly-included in 2019

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