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1 Aviation Training and Capacity-Building Roadmap for StatesA Practical Guide
​2Update to the Criteria for Recognition of RTCEs En  Fr  Sp  Ru  Ar  Ch​Electronic Bulletin (EB 2017/6)
​3Framework for RTCE Status Recognition and Maintenance (En  Fr  Sp  Ru  Ar  Ch)​Policy Update
​4ICAO Civil Aviation Training Policy

En  Fr  Sp  Ru  Ar  Ch

​Policy Update
​5 ​​GAT Training Taxonomy​GAT Taxonomy
​6 TPSC Terms of Reference​TPSC Terms of Reference
7 GAT OrganizationGAT Organizational Chart
8 TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Update
En  Fr  Sp  Ru  Ar  Ch
Electronic Bulletin (EB 2014/73)
9 Assembly Resolution A38-12 Appendix D A38 Resolution
10Validator Qualification Process ​ICAO Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Validator Qualification Process
11Procedure to Become an ICAO-Qualified Instructor​Instructor qualifying requirements
12TRAINAIR PLUS Operations Manual (TPOM)​Doc 10052 - Benefits, requirements and procedures of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme
13Training Development Guide (TDG) ​ICAO  Doc 9941
14 ​GAT Statistical Abstract 2017 ​ICAO Training Statistical Abstract: published in March 2018.
15 ​GAT Statistical Abstract 2018 ​​ICAO Training Statistical Abstract: published in March 2019.
GAT Fast Facts
​​ICAO Global Aviation Training FAST Facts: Published in April 2019
GAT Statistical Abstract 2019
​ICAO Training Statistical Abstract: published in September 2020.
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