International Air Law

Join us during this Training Week and be part of an expert panel discussion followed by the ICAO International Air Law course available in English, French and Spanish is various time zones. 

The International Air Law course aims to enable representatives of Civil Aviation Administrations, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers to support their organization in compliance with international air law, through application of appropriate knowledge and advocacy.

Opening Ceremony and Panel Discussion

Training Week Components:



​Panel of


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following: 

  • learn the concepts and rules of international air law; 
  • explain the relevance of the rules and procedures of international air law for their own role and functions in their organization; and 
  • apply their knowledge and understanding to assist their national administration in improving implementation.

Target Population:

Representatives (eg, administrators, lawyers, managers), with or without legal education, from:

  • Civil Aviation Administrations;
  • Civil Aviation Authorities; and
  • Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers of Member States;
  • As well as government officials with responsibilities for civil aviation policy, legislation and enforcement.

Course Pricing:

Regular Price: $1,250 US     CAA Price*: $900 US

*To support Member States in their efforts to enhance the competencies of their aviation professionals, ICAO recognizes trainees originating from Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) and offers them a reduced fee. 

Available Virtual Training Sessions:

International Air Law course
 5 to 9 July 2021
Montreal (UTC -5)
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Derecho Aeronáutico Internacional
5 al 9 de julio de 2021 
México (UTC -6) 
Cours de Droit Aérien International 
5 au 9 juillet 2021
Paris (UTC +1) 

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