Aeronautical Information Management Training Week


ICAO Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) courses support States` in their implementation of the new AIM provisions, with a specific focus given to strengthening quality controls along the aeronautical data process. ICAO's goal is to support the integration of modern aeronautical information products (digital data sets), facilitating interoperable digital data exchanges, and ensuring that AIM personnel at State Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) possess the competencies to operate in new AIM environments.

Register to any course during this Training Week and benefit from a 15% discount .

The Aeronautical Information Management Training Week include the following courses:



Courses Pricing:


Courses delivered during the ICAO Training Weeks are on a cost-recovery basis. To support Member States in their efforts to enhance the competencies of their aviation professionals, ICAO recognizes trainees originating from Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) and offers them a reduced fee. We are also providing an additional 15% discount to all aviation professions during ICAO Training Weeks 2022.


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 Virtual sessions available:


ICAO Data-Centric Aeronautical Information
Services (AIS) Operations Course


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Aeronautical Information Quality Management
(AIQM EN) Course


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