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Aviation Training Needs Analysis (ATNA) course



As part of this partnership, the first joint activity will focus on the implementation of an “Aviation Training Needs Analysis (ATNA)” course, aimed at leveraging important research studies to identify the needs for the qualification of aviation professionals in the African Region.



The ATNA course will support the establishment of a library of aviation professional competencies that will be used to enhance the training portfolios of aviation training providers. The aviation community and ICAO Member States will benefit from the human resource development of civil aviation authorities, air navigation service providers, airline and airport operators.


Upon the launch of the Programme, the University will work in close collaboration with ICAO and its Regional Offices, to effectively implement and deliver this training across the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESAF) and the Western and Central Africa (WACAF) Regions.


To learn more about this partnership, please see news release here.


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