University of Waterloo

Fundamentals of the Air Transport System Course




ICAO and the University of Waterloo, have established a partnership to support an e-learning course on the Fundamentals of the Air Transport System, to provide greater access to affordable quality training in order to attract, educate and retain the next generation of skilled aviation professionals.



The course is geared for aspiring aviation professionals as well as professionals transitioning into aviation. It contains nine modules covering air law, aircraft, operations, navigation, airports, security, environment, accidents and safety. Each narrated module ranges from 45 to 90 minutes in duration, and profiles aviation professionals working within that area. A combination of imagery, videos, interactive cases and problems are incorporated to explore sector-related matters. Trainees will have the option to complete the course (with no exam) free of charge, or to pay the exam fee and complete the exam to earn the Course Certificate.


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