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Safe Supply Chain Course




As part of this partnership, a joint training programme entitled “Safe Supply Chain Course” is being developed by TIACA in collaboration with ICAO.




This course will provide the entities in the air and mail cargo supply chain with the necessary knowledge and skills to work together effectively to ensure that cargo is handled appropriately in a safe & efficient manner within the ICAO’s regulatory framework. The course also addresses the ‘what causes’ and ‘why it could impact’ the safety of the supply chain through an understanding of the global market and supply chain trends.


Expected outcome


Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:


  • Recognize the economic impact of air cargo globally
  • Analyse supply chain trends affecting the safety of the supply chain
  • Describe the background and the need for safety through the supply chain
  • Explain ICAO’s role and method of facilitating a safe supply chain
  • Recognize the role of multiple stakeholders in ensuring a safe supply chain
  • Identify various elements involved in the supply chain which would pose safety hazards
  • Identify and assess risks and apply mitigation methods


The course is in a virtual classroom format and will be offered in the English language. To learn more about the schedule of upcoming training sessions, please click here.


Download the course brochure, here.
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