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The ability of government safety inspectors to perform their jobs in a uniform manner worldwide is considered important to flight safety. Thus the quality of their training should be of the highest possible level.  The Government Safety Inspector (GSI) Training Programme has been developed in order to ensure a high-level of quality and standardization in the training of government safety inspectors globally. Courses under this programme have been  developed to address one of the shortcomings identified in audits conducted under the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) related to the lack of qualified technical personnel to carry-out safety oversight responsibilities.





ICAO safety oversight audits found that many States are experiencing difficulties with the implementation of ICAO safety oversight standards. A detailed problem analysis was carried out to ascertain the potential causes and solutions to the shortcomings found in many States to carry out their safety oversight responsibilities related to personnel licensing, aircraft operations and airworthiness. The analysis examined the symptoms and causes of the problems and made specific recommendations for solutions. This study found that there were both training and complementary non‑training solutions.


As a result of these findings, a need was identified to establish training programmes that would provide Government Safety Inspectors, on a worldwide basis, with uniform skills and knowledge so that they may perform their jobs in a manner that is fully consistent with the Convention on International Civil Aviation and its Annexes. A wide range of training needs were identified. The following functions were identified as the highest priority for training: 


a)   certification duties;

b)   surveillance duties;

c)   enforcement duties; and

d)   personnel licensing.


At present, there are few civil aviation training centres offering this type of training and the magnitude of the need is such that those that do are unable to meet the demand. It was concluded that the most effective and cost-efficient alternative to meet the need for Government safety oversight inspector training would be the development and global dissemination of material‑dependent course materials prepared in accordance with the ICAO course development methodology. The initial development of the courses was a collaborative effort between the United States FAA Academy and ICAO. 


In order to meet the training demand for Government Safety Inspectors, the course materials have been distributed to States' aviation training centres that are endorsed by ICAO to teach the courses. ICAO will endorse a limited number of training centres to implement the courses on an international basis, with the objective of establishing standardized Government safety inspector training capabilities within each ICAO region. As the need expands for this type of training, the number of ICAO training centres endorsed to provide this training would grow correspondingly. Training centres that receive ICAO-endorsement to use the course materials  to train Government Safety Inspectors will have the opportunity to expand their government safety oversight curricula as additional courses become available. 

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