Airports Council International (ACI)

ACI and ICAO have established the following joint training activities to qualify airport professionals with new competencies needed to better manage the future challenges of Airports.




Aerodrome Certification

Classroom - 5 Days


This course explains the certification process applied by State regulators and what aerodromes must do to not only become “certified,” but to remain certified as traffic grows and the aerodrome expands to accommodate the future. To learn more, click here.



Airport User Charges

Classroom - 5 Days


This course aims to provide a detailed understanding of the international policies applying to airport charges to develop, implement, and manage a user charges policy, as well as specific charges/rates compliant with international regulations and best practice. To learn more, click here.



Management of Airport Security

Classroom - 5 Days


This course provides guidance to aviation security personnel at a managerial level on planning, coordinating and implementing airport security preventative measures and pro-active initiatives that are in accordance with national programmes and airport industry best practices. To learn more, click here.





Global Reporting Format (GRF)

Online Course - 3 Hours


This course will assist airport operators understand and meet the new ICAO requirements for runway surface condition assessment and reporting that come into effect in November 2020 as part of ICAO’s Global Reporting Format initiative. To learn more, click here.



Implementing Annex 14: Advanced Aerodrome Design and Operations (AADO)

Classroom - 5 Days


This new course will focus on implementing ICAO Annex 14 and the application of the Standards and Recommended Practices for an aerodrome. To learn more, click here.


Development of new competencies to optimize efficiency, innovation, integrated technology and data science based operations.

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