Air Transport Policy and Regulation

Computer Reservation Systems

ICAO's Worldwide Air Transport Conference (Montreal, 1994) which examined the present and future regulation of international air transport, recommended that ICAO review the ICAO Code of Conduct on the Regulation and Operation of Computer Reservation Systems (CRS) and develop a model CRS clause for use in bilateral air services agreements or multilateral arrangements, to ensure fair and non-discriminatory access to these systems including their supply and fair, transparent and non-discriminatory distribution of air carrier products.
The ICAO Council completed its review of the Code and adopted a revised version on 25 June 1996 with model clauses to encourage its use. As of 1 September 1998, twenty-nine ICAO Member States either followed the ICAO Code or had CRS regulations which are consistent or compatible with it. These countries represent about 55 per cent of international scheduled service traffic, based on departures in 1996.


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