Seminar on Air Transport Regulatory Policy


27 - 29 April 2004, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

All documents prepared by the ICAO Secretariat and, where possible,
States and Internat ional Organizations are presented here upon availability.

Agenda (English and Spanish)
Report (English and Spanish)



WP #
1. Regulatory overview – global and regional
(presented by ICAO Secretariat)

Regional Liberalization Experience
(presented by ICAO Secretariat)

3. ATConf/5 and Key Regulatory Issues
(presented by ICAO Secretariat)
4. Liberalization Policy and Implementation
(presented by Mr. Agustin Vrolijk, Chairman, Association of Caribbean States)
5. Perspective and Experiences of the Liberalization of Airline Ownership and Control and Pricing
(presented by Barbados)
6. Liberalization of Air Transport Services within the Caribbean Community
(presented by Caribbean Community - CARICOM)
7. Evolución y futuro de la politica aerocomerical en Colombia
(presented by Colombia)
8. Experiencia del Proceso de Liberalización en Costa Rica
(presented by Costa Rica)
9. Jamaica's experience with air transport liberalization
(presented by Jamaica)
10. Jamaica has always taken a pragmatic approach to air transport services
(presented by Jamaica)
11. Background of Liberalization and Experiences in the Latin American Region
(presented by LACAC/CLAC)
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