Fifth Meeting of the
Africa-Indian Ocean Traffic Forecasting Group
(AFI TFG/5) 

Nairobi (Kenya)
19 - 23 October 2009  




  1. Introduction
  2. Recent developments in the work of APIRG
  3. Development of medium-term and long-term forecasts for the major route groups within, to and from the AFI region:
    1. Medium-term forecasts (5 years horizon)
    2. Long-term forecasts (6-20 years horizon)
  4. Update of major city-pair forecasts between Africa and other regions.
  5. Analysis of the data from selected flight information regions (FIRs) to establish peak-period parameters required for planning purposes.
  6. Peak-period analysis of selected airports of African region.
  7. Completion and adoption of the report.
  8. Any other business.


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