Workshop on Aviation Statistics

17 - 20 November 2008


Click here to view the Report on the Aviation Statistics Workshop on Aviation Data Collection and Analysis.




ICAO and the Civil Aviation Affairs, Bahrain were pleased to host a worskhop on aviation statistics.
The objective of this meeting was :
  1. To emphasize the importance of reliable statistical and accounting data from both a qualitative and quantitative point of view and to demonstrate its role in improving competitiveness and efficiency of the related stakeholders, namely: airlines, airports, air navigation service (ANS) providers and the regulators.
  2. To familiarize the participants about the role of European Co-ordination Center for Aviation Reporting System (ECCAIRS) software used in ICAO Accident/Incident Data Reporting (ADREP) and its effectiveness in monitoring & analyzing accident.
  3. To encourage States and reporting entities (air carriers, airports and ANS providers) in the region to participate in the ICAO Statistics Programme as well as to make use of the new Integrated Statistical Database (ISDB) now available on-line via the internet.
  4. To encourage States to fulfill their obligations under Articles 54, 55 and 67 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Doc 7300 – the Chicago Convention).


Who should attend?
An invitation from ICAO Headquarters was issued (dated 31 July 2008) to ICAO Contracting States in this region as well as to a selected number of international organizations.
The meeting was geared towards participants who were either responsible for, or actively involved in, some of the following aspects: aviation statistics, accounting, forecasting, accident analysis of exposure data, and economic planning or financial planning.
In order to have a broader representation of all sectors of the aviation community at the workshop, participation of appropriate experts from national government agencies, airlines, airports and research institutions was encouraged. The participation of such entities is in the interest of States with respect to their obligations under Doc 7300 – the Chicago Convention, and to promote a better understanding of ICAO policy and guidance


Click here to view the preliminary programme for the meeting.
Workshop details
Date: 17 - 20 November 2008 
Place: Hotel Movenpick
P.O. Box: 24009
Tel. + 97317460000
Fax + 97317460001
Workshop Hall entrance
17 November
0830 - 0930
Participants were requested to register, at the Registration Desk located at the entrance of the workshop hall, between 0830 and 0930 hours on the opening day of the meeting. Participants were also requested to wear the identification badge, which was to be issued to them when inside the meeting room.
There was no attendance fee.
Opening: Monday, 17 November 2008, 0930 hours
Language: The language of the workshop in in English.
Documentation: In addition to the working papers to be distributed for this workshop, participants were strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the ICAO on-line aviation statistics database (click here to view instructions).
Although only staff members of national civil aviation administrations were granted free access to the database, access was made available, upon request, to all meeting participants for a period of 30 days prior to and 30 days after the meeting.
Participants were also encouraged to become acquainted with the current ICAO Air Transport Reporting Forms A to L used to submit data to ICAO. These forms can be obtained by visiting the ICAO website at


Important Information for Participants
Please click here for a Bulletin which includes the information above as well as information concerning visa and health requirements, airline arrangements, hotel accommodation, transportation to and from airport, custom regulations, electrical supply information and general information concerning United Arab Emirates.


Mr. Oleg Nazarov

Secretary of the Meeting

Statistical Officer
Economic Analyses and
Databases (EAD) Section,
ICAO Headquarters,
Montréal (Canada) ​


facsimile: +1 514 954 6744


Mr. Sainarayan A.,
Assistant to Secretary
of the Meeting
Statistical Officer
EAD Section,
ICAO Headquarters,
Montréal (Canada) 

facsimile: +1 514 954 6744

Mr. Jehad Faqir
ICAO Deputy Regional Director,
Cairo Regional Office



Fax: (202) 2267-4843

​Mr. Yousif Mohammed Mahmoud
Head of Corporate & Public Affairs
Civil Aviation Affairs
P.O. Box: 586

Fax: (973) 17 321 139

​Mrs. Ebtesam Mohamed Al Shamlan
Head of Permission and Airline Schedule
Civil Aviation Affairs
Bahrain International Airport
P.O.Box 586

Fax: (973) 17 333 278;




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