ICAO Guidance Material on Emergency Response and Contingency Planning

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in its capacity to develop Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) for the safety, efficiency and regularity of international civil aviation, has published specific SARPs to address the necessity and importance of emergency response planning and coordination for various stakeholders of the aviation system.​

These are included in the following Annexes to the Chicago Convention:

​ICAO Annex
​Section / Chapter
Relevant Text
​Annex 1
Personnel Licensing
​No specific chapter
​Different parts of the Annex describe the necessity for personnel to have knowledge and/or experience of emergency procedures, most often pertaining to technical and operational emergencies.
​Annex 9
Chapter 8
Faciliation provisions covering specific subjects

​Section F - 8.18

A Contracting State shall establish a national aviation plan in preparation for an outbreak of a communicable disease posing a public health risk or public health emergency of international concern.

Section G – 8.17

Each Contracting State shall establish a National Air Transport Facilitation Committee, and Airport Facilitation Committees as required, or similar coordinating bodies, for the purpose of coordinating facilitation activities between departments, agencies, and other organizations of the State concerned with, or responsible for, various aspects of international civil aviation as well as with airport and aircraft operators.

​Annex 11
Air Traffic Services
Attachment C
Material relating to contingency planning
​The purpose of the guidelines is to assist in providing for the safe and orderly flow of international air traffic in the event of disruptions of air traffic services and related supporting services and in preserving the availability of major world air routes within the air transportation system in such circumstances. Sections:
    1. Introduction
    2. Responsibility for developing, promulgatingand implementing contingency plans
    3. Preparatory action
    4. Coordination
    5. Development, promulgation and application of contingency plans
Annex 14
Volume I - Aerodromes
Chapter 9
Aerodrome operational services, equipment and installations
9.1.1 An aerodrome emergency plan shall be established at an aerodrome, commensurate with the aircraft operations and other activities conducted at the aerodrome.
9.1.2 The aerodrome emergency plan shall provide for the coordination of the actions to be taken in an emergency occurring at an aerodrome or in its vicinity.
9.1.3 The plan shall coordinate the response or participation of all existing agencies which, in the opinion of the appropriate authority, could be of assistance in responding to an emergency.

The Section 9.1 then outlines a set of nine (9) recommendations for the design and preparation of an aerodrome emergency plan.

Annex 14
Volume II - Heliports
​Chapter 6
Heliport emergency response
6.1 Heliport Emergency Planning
6.1.1 A heliport emergency plan shall be established commensurate with the helicopter operations and other activities conducted at the heliport.
6.1.2 The plan shall identify agencies which could be of assistance in responding to an emergency at the heliport or in its vicinity.

The Section 6.1 then outlines a set of seven (7) recommendations for the design and preparation of a heliport emergency plan.
Annex 17
Chapter 5
Management of response to acts of unlawful interference
5.1 (Prevention)
5.1.4 Each Contracting State shall ensure that contingency plans are developed, and resources made available to safeguard civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference. The contingency plans shall be tested on a regular basis.
​Annex 19
Safety Management
Appendix 2
Framework for a safety management system (SMS)
1.4. Coordination of emergency response planning
The service provider required to establish and maintain an emergency response plan for accidents and incidents in aircraft operations and other aviation emergencies shall ensure that the emergency response plan is properly coordinated with the emergency response plans of those organizations it must interface with during the provision of its products and services.

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