Welcome to the ICAO Machine Readable Travel Documents Programme


This website has been designed to provide easy access to the latest information on universal travel document specifications and related border security matters.


  • Government agencies issuing a new passport require access to the current ICAO specifications and may need technical assistance with developing the tender documentation.
  • Companies manufacturing travel documents need to ensure that their products are ICAO compliant, follow current MRTD specifications and take advantage of incorporating the latest technologies.
  • Academia, think tanks and the law enforcement community may need to explore the role that travel documents and border security play in combating terrorism and trans-border crime.
  • The aviation community are anxious to ensure that travel document inspection at the border, while providing maximum security, do not create delays or hinder air traffic.
  • Finally, the travelling public want to be assured that their travel documents are in good order and their crossing the borders will be smooth and without surprises.


Stakeholders in travel document and border security present a broad spectrum and may have very different needs or interests. But in each case the purpose of the MRTD website is the same: to ensure that the visitors have access to correct, timely and relevant information.


The information materials on the website have been developed by the experts of the TRIP Technical Advisory Group (TAG/TRIP) and provide state-of-art technical specifications on travel documents.


  • Current specifications are contained in Document 9303 which is freely downloadable from our site.
  • Supplements to Document 9303 and technical working papers on travel documents present the latest and emerging specifications and technologies.
  • The MRTD Report Magazine and MRTD events published on the website keep the travel document security community abreast about the latest technologies and policy developments.
  • The FAQ section and other information materials cover most issues that interest the professional community and the public.
  • However, should you need specialized technical assistance that goes beyond the scope of the website, please contact ICAO TRIP and our staff will do the best to assist you.
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