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​A key component to the global air traffic system, air cargo today is faced with a range of challenges. Although today’s aircraft move well over $5 trillion worth of goods by air each year, the significant growth being projected for this sector, not to mention its role as a critical enabler of trade and prosperity, require that its processes, procedures and the international standards supporting its global effectiveness become better aligned with modern demands and capabilities.

ICAO is meeting these challenges through a determined modernization of the global air cargo regulatory framework and through new strategic partnerships with key international State and industry agencies. The common objectives guiding all of these activities include:

    1. Air cargo and mail security and facilitation
    2. Maintaining or improving all aspects of air cargo safety
    3. Evolving from paper-based to electronic solutions
    4. Minimizing air cargo's environmental footprint
    5. Liberalizing market access for air cargo services


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