ICAO Data Bank Related to Air Transport (DBRAT)

DBRAT Objectives

The ICAO Air Transport Bureau developed the Data Base Related to Air Transport (DBRAT) with a view to enhancing ICAO’s cooperation and assistance to Contracting States in the field of air transport. DBRAT’s main objectives are:

  1. to provide and collect information on ICAO and world developments in the air transport field;
  2. to provide a virtual forum for discussions and exchange of information on AT issues; and
  3. to facilitate the interaction, first-hand assistance and international cooperation between ICAO and its Member States and amongst civil aviation authorities as well.


DBRAT is an ICAO website developed to facilitate the exchange of information on air transport activities and developments amongst the ICAO ATB units, Regional Offices, Member States and the international organizations whose activities may affect air transport operations and/or evolution. In this context, DBRAT is a collaborative and comprehensive ICAO extranet tool aimed at providing a secure facility where worldwide air transport information, knowledge and data are available for the benefit of all DBRAT’s users.

DBRAT not only provides access to a wide range of information (covering general information to very specific data) but also encourages and facilitates the interaction amongst its users as well. As a website developed using the MS SharePoint platform, DBRAT collects and shares worldwide air transport news, events, contacts and blog spaces for discussions on issues of users’ interest, as well as e-libraries for storing and accessing documents dealing with air transport regulation, economics, planning, forecasting, statistics, security, facilitation and joint financing services.
In order to ensure a wide coverage and participation of all the entities involved in the air transport field, DBRAT was also developed to accept airport and air navigation services providers and air carriers as users. However, this enhancement will be implemented only upon an ICAO decision on how these new users could be accepted and what access rights they should have.
The English version of DBRAT is currently available in the new ICAO portal (http://portal.icao.int/) which is a secure Internet site to which only registered users have access. Through the ICAO portal, a set of ICAO websites are accessible; however, a would-be user needs to request an account for his/her registration in the ICAO portal and request a subscription for each website to which he/she would like to have access.
As a part of the implementation process, ICAO’s regional offices will be encouraging and assisting the ICAO Member States to become users of DBRAT and to cooperate with ICAO and the international civil aviation community in building and keeping up-to-date this useful and comprehensive information tool. New DBRAT versions in other ICAO official languages will be developed in due time.
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