Field Operations

 The Field Operation Section is responsible for the identification, planning, development, execution, monitoring, reporting, closure and evaluation of Technical Cooperation and Technical Assistance Projects within the Technical Cooperation Bureau of ICAO.  It assists States with the definition of customized solutions across the full spectrum of the civil aviation sector and is in charge of the projects throughout their entire life-cycle.
The Section is comprised of two units: The Project Development Unit (PDU – and the Project Implementation Unit (PIU –   
PDU is responsible for:
  • Identifying new project opportunities.
  • Assist in the definition of State's needs and requirements.
  • Preparation of Framework Agreements.
  • Drafting of Project Documents, including gathering required information needed for project budgets, schedules and plans.
  • Circulate Agreements and Project Documents proposals for signature as appropriate and coordinate with all stakeholders regarding any required changes.
  • Finalize internal administrative requirements to initiate a project once it has been signed by all parties.
  • Transfer the project to PIU once project funds have been received.


PIU is responsible for:


  • Assure project implementation within the timeline, schedule, and costs agreed in the project document.
  • Assess and coordinate the updating of project plan as appropriate.
  • Provide guidance to project team members in the field in the execution of the project.
  • Coordinate with other Bureaus and Regional Offices of ICAO for the implementation of projects.
  • Act as focal point for liaison with Civil Aviation Authorities, States and Organizations during project implementation.
  • Prepare and submit project reports to management regarding project implementation as required.
  • Evaluate project execution project objectives with the purpose to identify lessons learned and improve procedures and processes.

The Field Operations Section's technical standards are based on the relevant ICAO SARPS and other applicable international standards related to each project.  It is ISO 9001:2008 certified, guranteeing its whole internal processes related to the development, management and monitoring of projects are consistently applied and ensuring effectiveness, productivity and efficiency, resulting in the highest customer satisfaction.  Prince2 certification in Project Management for all staff responsible ensures an articulated framework that guarantees consistency in the delivery of the expected results.

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