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Misconduct is the non-compliance by staff members, through acts or omissions, with their obligations under the Chicago Convention, the ICAO Service Code, Staff Rules, Personnel and Administrative Instructions and other relevant and administrative texts in force.


Misconduct is also the non-observance of standards of conduct expected from an international civil servant.


Staff members are reminded of their duty to report any breach of the Organization’s regulations and rules related to misconduct and to cooperate with duly authorized audits and investigations. Staff members who comply with these duties are entitled to protection against retaliation. Staff members are also reminded that reporting shall not be used to transmit rumours. Staff members who deliberately make false allegations may themselves be the subject of disciplinary measures.


With the entry into effect of the revised ICAO Framework on Ethics (Annex I to the ICAO Service Code) on 9 July 2020, ICAO has outsourced the intake and investigation of misconduct cases to the Investigations Division of the United Nations Office for Internal Oversight Services (OIOS). Staff members should therefore report all concerns relating to misconduct directly to OIOS, using the dedicated online reporting form, hotline, email or mailing address provided below.


Any staff member who receives a report of misconduct should not undertake or delegate any internal investigation on their own but should immediately refer the report to OIOS.


Investigations Hotline


To provide confidential reports of unethical conduct, unlawful conduct, wasteful conduct, violation of established policies, serious misconduct or failure to comply with the standards of conduct expected from an international civil servant at ICAO, please contact OIOS:





Call Hotline at:


+ 1 212 963 1111 (24 hours a day)


Regular Mail to:

Director, Investigations Division
Office of Internal Oversight Services
1 United Nations Plaza, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017, U.S.A


Email a Complaint to:

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