United Nations : 45th Anniversary of the United Nations


Issue date: 26/06/1990




Pictures identifying the major areas of attention of the United Nations, its Agencies and Programs, forming the number “45”. United Nations emblem. As regards ICAO’s relationship, an airplane is shown in the upper-side of digit 5.


Souvenir sheet with the two stamps of this issue. The second stamp of the issue shows a dove in silhouette and “45”.

UN Geneva Official First Day Covers, designed by Stefanie Bloch, École des Arts Graphiques, Geneva.


With block of 4 stamps.


With the miniature sheet.


First Day Covers with German text in the cachet - Private issue by Philswiss-Abo.


With se-tenant pair.


With the miniature sheet.


Back of the above Philswiss-Abo covers. With subject data.


First Day Covers by Artmaster.


With block of 4 stamps.


With the miniature sheet.


Back of above Artmaster covers. With subject data.


First Day Cover by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA, front and back). Painting by Robert Peak, USA.

Robert "Bob" M. Peak (1927–1992) was an American commercial illustrator best known for innovative design in the development of the modern movie poster. His artwork has been on the cover of Time magazine, TV Guide, and Sports Illustrated; he also illustrated advertisements and U.S. postage stamps.



First Day Cover – Colorano Silk Cachet.


Background: The set of two stamps was issued by UN Geneva for the 45th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter in San Francisco on 26 June 1945.

This stamp is included within the ICAO collection due to the implicit relationship to the Organization, i.e. the design of an aircraft (in the upper-side of digit 5) within the UN family’s framework. The activity of other Organizations is also depicted as follows: UN (several programmes are illustrated - security: yellow circle surrounded by a red crown; peace: dove holding an olive branch in its beak; human rights: flaming torch); FAO (wheat); ICAO (aircraft); UNDP, Technical Assistance to Least-Developed Countries (LDCs), ILO, and UN Economic and Social Council - ECOSOC (two cogwheels as vital gear in a machine); IMO (ship); UNEP (clean environment) and WMO (sky and clouds).