Turks and Caicos Islands†- 40th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 28/02/1985



Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of Glider Wing (15th century).


Note that this drawing by Leonardo da Vinci is also found a one of the first day covers issued by Malta on 2 July 1994 for the 50th anniversary of ICAO (see at: Malta Ė 1994 - Aviation).



Sir Alliott Verdon Roe†and Avro†(Canada) C‑102 Jetliner (1949).


Robert H. Goddard†and first liquid fuel rocket launch (1926).


Igor Sikorsky†and Vought‑Sikorsky VS‑300 helicopter prototype (1939).


Imperforate proof, 8-Cent denomination instead of 25-cent.


Imperforate proofs in issued colors.



Imperf Proofs. 4-6 exist. Pre-production proof series; 4 to 6 exist. Values (8-cent and 25-cent) of first and second stamps are reversed on these proofs.


Upper-left corner stamps with margin showing the coat of arms granted in 1965. The Arms consist of a shield bearing a conch shell, lobster, and cactus on a yellow background. The dexter and sinister supporters are flamingos. The crest is a pelican between two sisal plants representing connection to the rope industry.




Lower-left corner stamps with margin.




Lower-right corner stamps with margin.





Miniature sheet: Amelia Earhart's Lockheed†10E Electra (1937).

The Organizationís name is printed with s instead of z. The correct name is: International Civil Aviation Organization.


Miniature sheet: Imperf proof.

Pre-production proof series; 4 to 6 exist.

Album pages with detailed information from The Aviation Heritage Collection produced by Westminster. This collection of stamps presents a flypast of history's legendary aircraft, all detailed on genuine Official Postage Stamps from the country concerned.



This First Day Cover (FDC) uses the same basic layout as the FDC of Sierra Leone (28 February 1985; see at: Sierra Leone - 1985 - 40th Anniversary of ICAO).


Background: The four stamps of this issue pay tribute to aviation pioneers and their inventions.