The second official emblem


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) deposited its instrument of adherence to the Convention on International Civil Aviation on 15 October 1970 and became the 120th member of ICAO on 14 November 1970.


Second official emblem



Initials in

Cyrillic alphabet

 Further to a request of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR on 30 October 1970, the ICAO Assembly decided at its 18th Session in 1971 to proceed with the introduction of the Russian language in ICAO. In October 1972, the Secretary General of ICAO agreed to introduce a revised ICAO emblem incorporating the initials of the Organization in Cyrillic alphabet (i.e. transliteration or translation of each letter of the English acronym ICAO into the Cyrillic alphabet) in recognition of the introduction of Russian as a fourth language of the Organization.


The Council recommended to the 21st Session of the Assembly in September/October 1974 (held in Montréal, Canada) the adoption of the new official emblem (Resolution A21-4). ICAO became the only UN Specialized Agency to include more than two acronyms in its emblem.


Syria - 11 May 1977 - 30th Anniversary of ICAO

First correct appearance of the second official emblem in the ICAO collection