The ICAO Museum


As part of the activities celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Chicago Convention, ICAO decided to create a Museum which would trace the history of air transport and pay tribute to the developments related to the Organization’s past, present and future. Walking through different time periods related to milestones of ICAO’s work, visitors to the new museum can discover the most significant legal documents, public figures and achievements of the UN Specialized Agency for aviation during its years of existence. ICAO Member State donations have been selected and arranged to create an exhibition dedicated to the civil aviation community, and the retrospective also includes a brief overview of aviation before ICAO was formally established under the Chicago Convention of 1944. Located at Headquarters, the Museum was officially inaugurated on 5 December 2014.


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Chicago Convention and to help engage youth in appreciating the role of safe and reliable civil aviation services, ICAO had organized a drawing contest, on the theme: Aviation – Bringing the World Together, open to children (ages 3 to 12) of ICAO staff, National Delegations, and Member State Civil Aviation Authorities. The best drawings were selected and are displayed in the ICAO Museum, as shown by the pictures here-below.


Pictures of the best drawings as shown in the ICAO Museum.

The theme of the drawing contest was: Aviation – Bringing the World Together.

From left to right: Winning Drawing by Erica-Marie Bressi, 11-year old; Gold, Bronze and Silver Winners.


Souvenir cover of the Inauguration of the ICAO Museum – 5 December 2014.

Photomontage based on the best drawings as selected at the end of the contest.



General views of the Museum.