Brazil – Semana da ASA


At the Bagatelle, Paris, the Brazilian constructor-pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont flew on 23 October 1906 his machine, the No14-bis, for 197 feet (60m.) in a straight line at the height of about 10 feet and won the Archdeacon Prize of 3,000francs for the first sustained flight of over 25 meters.


In 1935, at the initiative of the Touring Club of Brazil and with the support of the Aeronautics Department of the Brazilian Government, the Semana da ASA (Week of the Wing) was created in Brazil to preserve the memory of Santos-Dumont.


More information on the subject of the Semana Da ASA is available at the following link: BRAZIL: Semana Da Asa and Medals.











Santos-Dumont’s monument in St. Cloud, near Paris; inaugurated on 19 October 1913 (Deadalus takes off a rock; allegory of flight).


Brazil – 15 April 1934 – Santos-Dumont’s monument in St. Cloud.

Commemoration of the 1st National Congress of Aeronautics held at São Paulo, at the initiative of the Aero Club of São Paulo.


Brazil - 21 October 1959 – Semana Da Asa – ICAO Emblem

The above cover and blue stamp commemorated the 53rd anniversary of Santos-Dumont’s feat and represent allegorical pictures of flight and the great desire to flight.

The commemorative airmail stamp is printed on paper with the watermark *BRASIL*CORREIO*; it depicts a symbol of winged flight against a sky background. The central figure is Deadalus, the legendary Athenian artisan who invented wax wings, so he and his son Icarus could escape jail in Crete. At the lower left of the stamp, is one of the earliest models of the box-kite aeroplanes and at the center-right, barely discernible, is one of the latest model airplanes, supposedly for contrast. Designed by Marino Ferreira Praheiro, one wonders why the artists worked so hard to hide the airplanes in the clouds.

The cachet shows a stylized Icarus in linoleum block design before the legend dumped him into the sea when the sun melted his wing-wax.

Both figures symbolize man’s long-time fascination with the impossible notion of flying like a bird through the air. Note ICAO’s emblem in the middle of the cover.